For groups, on an advance order.

Vegetable soup 9,00 /person

Fish soup 11,50 /person

Red salmon soup 11,50 /person

Temptations of the vineyard 14,50 /person
your choice of ham, janson or vegetable sauce, salads

Apple tartarhur pork soup 15,90 /person
apple pork stew, salads, boiled potatoes

Broiler from the winemaker 15,90 /person
chicken stew, boiled potatoes, rice, salads

Hostess vegetarian menu 14,50 /person
apple vegetarian risotto, salads

Host's favourite 24,90 €/person
a piece of roast beef, vegetarian risotto, boiled/cream potatoes,
warm vegetables, salads, herring

Farmhouse wine table 33,90 /person
Kassler steak, sauce, cheese-covered fish, salads, herring,
boiled potatoes, warm vegetable

Alitalo Farmhouse table 45,00 /person
salmon, cream sauce, pork fillet, sauce, meatballs,
boiled potatoes, pasta, warm vegetables, salads, applesauce, grey salmon, eggs, meat cutlet

For all menus, incl. breads and fat, coffee and pies and water for a food drink


Apple pie 4,50 €/person

Filling cake 6,90 €/person

Ear mite 4,50 €/person

Bun 6,50 €/person

Rye bread 6,50 €/person

Filled croissant 7,90 €/person

Ham pie 8,50 €/person

Feta vegetable pie 8,50 €/person

the price includes the selected pastry, as well as coffee or tea.


sis. 4×4 cl wines 10,00 €/person

sis. 6x4cl wines 15,00 €/person

incl. 4×4 cl wines, cheese and pretzels 19,50 €/person

Presentation of the space/guided tour
Meals are always prepared for the group's arrival time, so please let us know well in advance if you have any special requests.
You will be charged according to the number of persons ordered. The number of persons ordered can be changed by phone or e-mail at least two (2) hours before the agreed arrival time.

The right to make changes is reserved.